Juan y la Bailarina


A retirement home where time seems to have stopped has its structures shattered by the arrival of a new tenant, which challenges the conformity of the place, and the news that the church has cloned Jesus Christ. Lots of laughs, revitalization and romance abound.


What happens when a colorful cast of bored, gray hairs in a Buenos Aires retirement home learns that the Catholic Church has cloned Jesus Christ?

The quiet life at the La Milagrosa nursing home is thrown into chaos by the month-long departure of their sole caretaker, replaced by her sun, a young oppressor known by the group of elders as “The Witch”. Besides the arrival of “The Witch”, the old TV spreads around that the Catholic Church has cloned Jesus Christ and that the clone is gone, going around the world seeking for help to find the cure for a so far incurable disease. With the rest of the world going mad, the elders believe that they also have to do something in order to help Jesus in his journey. In retaliation against The Witch and reasserting their place in society, the elderly outlaws leave behind their physical limitations and their past gripes to escape from the retirement home and help the new Jesus.

Raphael Geyer Aguinaga
Raphael Geyer Aguinaga
Main cast:
Marilu Marine (AR), Arturo Goetz (AR) and Luis Margani (AR)
95 min
Digital - HD
$ 1.25 M USD
Lehmans Serviços e Participações LTDA, Zarlek Producciones (Argentina) e DOS MEDIDAS (Argentina)
2013 in Brazil